Welcome to CSSE 332, Operating Systems.


  • You can find the official syllabus here or on the top right.
  • We strongly suggest that you read the unofficial syllabus here.
  • Instructor information and welcome statement can be found here.

Before coming to the first class

Before coming to the first class, please make sure to read the syllabus and the unofficial syllabus. Then, skim through the WSL2 installation instructions to make sure you are ready for the first day of class.

After you have WSL2 installed, it might be worth it to note that this entire site and course content are self-contained in a git repository. Feel free to check it out and poke around!

Then, to get a head start on your assignments, please take a moment to create a private repository to host your code for the quarter. It is easy to set up a private repository that pulls changes from the public course repository and pushes your modifications to your personal private repository. You can find instructions on how to set it up for the course content repository here.

You might also find it useful to setup another private repository for the course’s xv6 laboratories repository using the same instructions above.